New Year = New Beginnings


New Year = New Beginnings


My favorite day of the week is Monday…and I will tell you why.   

I LOVE new beginnings.

Each week is another chance to start fresh, to begin new goals, and to press forward with renewed energy. So, as I face this New Year of 2018, it’s like a REALLY big Monday. In the past, however,  I’ve made the mistake of giving myself a New Year’s resolution that is well-intentioned, but clearly near-impossible to keep, like exercise for 2 hours every day, never ever eat anything unhealthy, get 8 hours of sleep every night….the first week goes great, and then I burn out and feel like a failure. Not so good for my ego or my health.


Here’s some suggestions on how to keep those goals attainable:

1.  Be very specific on what you want to work on. For example, I need to eat breakfast and stop skipping it.

2.  Define how you are going to accomplish this goal.  For example, I am going to eat breakfast 3 days a week instead of EVERY day.  Be gentle on yourself and start slow. This is your goal, so don’t think about other people judging if it’s good enough. If one day a week is all you think you could realistically follow through with, start there.


3.  Choose a time frame in which you are going to reevaluate the goal. 
For example, I will eat breakfast 3 days a week for 3 weeks. Then when you reevaluate, you can add a day and make a new goal of eating 4 breakfasts a week.


I love that this year the New Year starts on a Monday! It’s almost too perfect for someone who loves Mondays to not look at this as a wonderful opportunity to REALLY start fresh, to begin with a blank slate, to feel renewed energy with the new week and new year. So, join me in celebrating new beginnings!


So what’s YOUR goal for the year?
Make it to Pilates every Wednesday at 6pm?
Eat something green at dinner Monday thru Thursday?
Only eat fast food once a week?
Put one less spoon of sugar in your coffee?
Practice your teaser 3 days a week?


Post below and share your goals and how you plan to accomplish them!